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“VR Half Moon Talk” No. 28: Vive Focus launches six-degree-of-freedom handle, and the small party displays the consumer version to open the reservation.

Recently, FaceBook officially announced the release information of its flagship VR all-in-one OculusQuest at its OC5 conference. With its precise tracking and six-degree-of-freedom (6DoF) handles, it was no match. Vive Focus, the high-end representative of the current market-oriented one, is not to be outdone. It announced its own six-degree-of-freedom handle information at the World VR conference […]

Return to the game: rumors that Nintendo will test the first VR NS first party this year

Starting with Virtual Boy, Nintendo seems to be involved in this immersive experience. According to the well-known breaking person Emily Rogers, Nintendo may be preparing to install VR functions for NS. Earlier, Emily broke the switch before the Nintendo Switch was released, including memory capacity, no camera, CPU, etc., and her various explosives almost proved accurate.__ Based […]

SONY Sony is studying the “hand tracking” technology for VR, the future may not need to spend money on the handle

Despite the limitation of performance, the experience of PS VR is not bad. I believe that many players have not yet had the courage to try the VR version of Resident Evil 7. Recently, Sony Mutual Entertainment applied for a hand tracking technology for the VR field in the United States . This technology confirms the position of the hand and captures […]

“VR Half Moon Talk” No. 27: Oculus Quest Machine

Oculus Quest, code-named Santa Cruz, made its debut at the 2016 OC3 conference.__ __ After two years of development, the current configuration is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, equipped with a second-generation Fresnel lens with a monocular resolution of The 1600*1440 OLED display has an angle of view of 95 degrees and a refresh rate […]

VR Half Moon Talk No. 29: HTC Releases New VR Head Display, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Issues Document to Promote VR Industry Application

From the information revealed so far, it is speculated that Vive Cosmos should use the Inside-Out tracking principle, which can be confirmed by the features of the four cameras on the front and side of the distribution head, and the aperture on the handle. The Inside-Out tracking mechanism is widely used in high-end all-in-ones including HTC’s […]

VR half-month talk about the 30th: talk about the VirtualLink interface of the big one, the new HoloLens may be released within 2 months

When deploying VR head-mounted display, in addition to preparing a high-performance PC, the connection of various types of wires is also a big problem. In the common top-level VR head-mounted display, in addition to the additional tracking system that requires power, the head-end display itself also has the need to supply and transmit data, often through […]

Create a virtual world in the real world: Microsoft Microsoft released HoloLens 2 MR headsets, Azure Kinect motion capture camera

At last night’s MWC show, Microsoft showed us their new generation of hybrid reality device HoloLens 2 and depth sensor camera Azure Kinect. The Hololens 2 has been greatly improved compared to the previous generation, including a more immersive experience and a more comfortable wearing experience. Azure Kinect follows the Kinect technology of the past home consoles, […]